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Some of the most important Fairs and Antique Markets of Arezzo and the province

Mostra Mercato dell’Artigianato della Valtiberina / Handicraft market of Valtiberina
In the center of town
Dates: last week of April and first week of May


Fiera Antiquaria (Antique fair)

In Piazza Grande and the small streets nearby.
Date of the event: every first Sunday of the month, and the preceding Saturday






The “Fiera Antiquaria” takes place every month in the wonderful scenery of Piazza Grande and in the small streets nearby. The first edition dates back to June 2nd, 1968. About 200 exhibitors coming from all over Italy meet there every first Sunday of each month and the previous Saturday. You can find furniture, ceramics, Chinese pieces, jewels, glassware, fabrics, watches, sculptures, paintings, iron and copper items, as well as trinkets of all sorts.

Foto Antiquaria (Fair of Antique Camera)
Logge Vasari

This exhibition is held every year on the last sundays of April and September



The Saracen’s Joust (“giostra ad burattum”) is a centuries-old knights’ game, part of a military drill, dating back to the Middle Ages and referring to Western Christendom’s struggle to contain the Muslim advance. On the first Sunday in June and September, each of the four quarters honours two horsemen, armed with lances, with challenging Buratto [a dumb saracen], King of the Indies.


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Dates: from wednesday before the last Sunday in agugst to whole last sunday of august






Organizzato dalla “Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo”, il Concorso Polifonico Internazionale Guido d’Arezzo costituisce dal 1953, il più importante palcoscenico per le espressioni corali del mondo intero: un ventaglio incomparabile di repertori, stili, autori.
Non si tratta di una manifestazione folkloristica, ma dell’unico cimento mondiale, per i cultori del “cantare insieme”, teso a perfezionare la cultura musicale polifonica.


Collezionismo di Ieri e di Oggi ( Antique Market)

It is held every 25th of April



Mostra Scambio di cose vecchie ed usate
(Flea adn antique Market)
Piazza San Francesco, if it rains, the festival is held in the Chiostro of San Francesco .The fourth Sunday of each month, except January, February, July and August



Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Mobile Antico
Antic furniture fair
Palazzo Casali e Palazzo Cagnotti
From the Saturday before the last Sunday of August to the second Sunday of September

The “Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Mobile Antico” takes place in Cortona. It is one of the most important antique furniture fairs in Europe. The exhibition is housed in Palazzo Vagnotti, a superb example of XVII century architecture, located in the old town centre. The outstanding scenery of the exhibition, together with furnishings bring to mind the great princely mansions, making the Cortona event original and noteworthy. More than 40 exhibitors are rigorously selected by a special commission. Furniture, jewellery, tapestry and bronzes are some of the objects displayed together in the exhibition.

Sagra della Bistecca (Beef Steak Festival )
Date of the event: 14-15 August

The “Sagra della Bistecca” is a gastronomic event which celebrates the meat of the famous Valdichiana. It takes place outdoors, in the comfortable gardens of the Parterre.
Every year more and more people go to Cortona and taste thousands of “bistecca”, an inch thick charcoal-broiled steak on the bone







Mercato di Via dei Musei
Old Market
In the center of town
The fourth Sunday of each month, except January, February, July and August


Fiera dell’Antiquariato
Antique Fair – Via L. Pacioli and piazza Santa Chiara

Palio della balestra (Old crossbow game)






Date of the event: second Sunday in September

It has been a tradition since the Middle Ages that every year in May the crossbowmen from Sansepolcro go to Gubbio to compete in honour of Saint Ubaldo, and on the second Sunday of September the crossbowmen from Gubbio return their visit and compete in honour of Saint Egidio, patron of Sansepolcro.
The crossbowmen from Sansepolcro and participants to the procession wear Renaissance costumes reproducing those of the frescoes by Piero della Francesca.
The target of the crossbow shooting is called “corniolo” and is located at a distance of 36 meters from the crossbow. A special jack is employed to bend the crossbows. During the shooting the weapons are laid on a particular bench owing to their heavy weight.


Palagio Fiorentino
Last Sunday of July, starting from the Wednesday before


Fiera Antiquaria del Valdarno (Antique Fair)

Piazza della Repubblica
The second Sunday of every month, except August

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